About the application

OKO is a free application, a cloud-based DVR for smartphones and tablets.

During the shooting, the video is stored in your personal free cloud storage. So even if the attackers smash your smartphone while the shooting is in progress, the video files will still remain in the cloud.

The SOS video call function allows you to webcast the video from your smartphone and transmit your geolocation to trusted people online. The SOS video call record is stored in your personal cloud and is available to you and your trusted persons for an unlimited time.

The Parental Control function allows you to identify the location of your kid’s smartphone on request or on a timer, at specified intervals.

After installing the application, you get free 15 GB of your personal cloud storage. Unlike other ways of webcasting the video, OKO guarantees privacy when storing and transmitting the data.

Upload to the cloud

In the process of video shooting, OKO sends it to your personal cloud storage. When the Friends mode is activated at the beginning of the shooting, OKO instantly sends a notification to your friends’ emails and their OKO application. It allows them to see your geolocation and the video you are shooting online. To ensure that you do not lose your footage under any conditions, the video is being recorded in short 5–10-second clips, which are immediately uploaded to your personal cloud storage. You video files are securely stored in the cloud and will be accessible to you even if your device is lost or destroyed.

If there is no internet connection, OKO goes into the network search mode, saving the captured video on the device, and synchronizing it with the cloud at the first opportunity.

Please note: the cost of Internet traffic used to send footage is determined by your mobile operator.

Download OKO

The application runs on the Android OS and is available for download on Google Play