About App OKO



With OKO.CLOUD application, you can stream online video to a private cloud, protecting the recording from intentional destruction. In case of danger - just activate the SOS-mode, and your friends will receive your online broadcast and your route of movement, and will be able to come to help you. Want to attract the attention to your problem of people from all over the world - Click the media button and your broadcast will go into public organizations and international mass media of the whole world.


OKO.CLOUD combines a panic button and an online broadcast, plus it has additional benefits:

Emergency and hidden start broadcast video through a widget on the lock screen.

Start of recording broadcast without an Internet connection. The recording is stored in the phone's memory, waiting for Internet connection and the resumption of the online broadcast. This features significantly increases the chances of saving and transmitting video.


Transmitting of your route on the map during the broadcast, in case if your trip is dangerous or you are forcibly moved.


Unlimited storage of your broadcast with route in a personal, free and anonymous cloud.


And the possibility of online broadcasting of videos from your mobile to the site for international Mass Media, bloggers and Public organizations, for public supporting of you.


OKO.CLOUD  is a security support and rights support for you and your loved ones.


The free app OKO.CLOUD is available in GooglePlay.