Problem occurred


Black screen

  • Description of the problem and its cause:  After starting the application, instead of the program window, you see a black screen. This means that for your phone model, so far we have not managed to reconcile the video camera drivers with the application.


  • Solution: Ask us a question,  by filling out the feedback form in the CONTACTS section. Inform the data of your device,  start the text of the question with the mark “Black screen”.  And we will try to deal with this  malfunction. 

The coordinates of the location of the survey are not recorded.

  • Description of the problem and its cause: If in the title of the video clips zero coordinates or null are fixed,  then your device does not have  a GPS-module that determines the coordinates. If it is (you, for example, use it using the navigator, then the reason is different). The GPS module is turned off.


  • Solution: To turn it on, go to "Settings", then "Location" and using the switch activate the GPS module.  

  • If this did not help or there were difficulties - write your question, fill the form

“The video is not sent to the cloud.”. “The video is sent to the cloud slowly.”.

  • Description of the problem and its cause: Video is not synced with the cloud. If you have a good speed Internet connection 3G, 4G or Wi-fi, i.e. you do not have any problems with slow Internet, you can easily watch video from the Internet, then the reason is different. Perhaps your phone creates very large files. Video duration of 5 seconds can occupy 4Mb, instead of 0.2Mb. 


  • Solution:   It is necessary in the application, in the main menu go to the section "PROFILE", and enter the  «Video settings», where you will be asked to select the parameters of the video to be shot. Reducing the value of Bitrate in the settings will significantly reduce the size of the video, with a slight decrease in video quality.  


Google Play don't allow to install "ОКО"

  • Description of the problem and its cause: We can not guarantee the stable  operation of the application on your device, if the version of Android is below 5.0.
  • Solution:   So you have to DOWNLOAD  a file and run it on your device. The installation procedure is standard.